Sunday, 31 May 2015

In Memoriam: Julie Harris, costume designer of "Live and Let Die" and "Casino Royale" (1967) has passed away

007 Travelers is saddened to hear that costume designer Julie Harris has passed away.

Who: Julie Harris
Born: 26 March 1921, London, England
Died: 30 May 2015 London, England (Cause of death: Chest infection)

Harris designed clothes worn by the Beatles in the films "A Hard Day's Night" and "Help!" and by Sir Roger Moore in the James Bond film "Live and Let Die" (1973).
She won an Oscar in 1966 for the Julie Christie film "Darling".
Her Bafta came the following year for her work on "The Wrong Box".

Bond credits of Julie Harris:

Costume designer in:

"Casino Royale" (1967) 
"Live and Let Die" (1973)

Source: BBC News
Photo: PA

Julie Harris (right) designed clothes worn by Ursula Andress (left)
in 1967's "Casino Royale"

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Daniel Craig and Naomie Harris directed by Sam Mendes in London

WhatDaniel Craig, Naomie Harris (Moneypenny) and Sam Mendes filming "SPECTRE" (2015)
Where: Near Westminster Abbey, London, England
When: 30 May 2015

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Zed Jameson/, EagleEyes/

Daniel Craig (James Bond) and Naomie Harris (Moneypenny) filmed scenes under the eyes of director Sam Mendes and director of photography Hoyte Van Hoytema near Westminster Abbey, London this morning (May 30th 2015).

Hoyte Van Hoytema (director of photography), Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes

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London calling #SPECTRE

"London calling #SPECTRE"

Official "SPECTRE" (2015) photo.

Source and

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"Kuuraketti" Nelosella 30.5.2015 klo 21.30 / "Moonraker" on channel Nelonen in Finland 30 May 2015 at 21.30

Mikä / WhatKuuraketti / Moonraker (1979) (Roger Moore)
Missä / Where: Nelonen / Channel Nelonen in Finland
Milloin / When: 30.5.2015, 21.30

Drax-yhtiöiden lainassa ollut Moonraker -avaruussukkula kaapataan ja Bond määrätään tutkimaan tapausta. Bond tapaa yhtiön omistajan Hugo Draxin ja yhden Draxin tiedemiehistä tohtori Holly Goodheadin. Bond seuraa jälkiä Venetsiaan, jossa hän saa selville, että Drax valmistaa hermokaasua, joka on tappavaa ihmisille, mutta harmitonta eläimille.

A Drax Industries Moonraker space shuttle on loan is hijacked and Bond is ordered to investigate. Bond meets the owner of the company, Hugo Drax and one of Drax's scientists, Dr. Holly Goodhead. Bond follows the trail to Venice, where he establishes that Drax is manufacturing a nerve gas deadly to humans, but harmless to animals.

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Bond author Anthony Horowitz's new Bond book title revealed

It has been 107 years of the birth of Ian Fleming (1908 - 1964) today 28th May 2015. To celebrate this latest Bond author Anthony Horowitz revealed the title of his new 007 book.

Anthony Horowitz

And the title is "TRIGGER MORTIS". 

Novel will be published on September 8

The novel will feature also Pussy Galore who is known of course from  Fleming's "Goldfinger" (1959) and the story will be set just after two weeks after the end of "Goldfinger" and the plot uses an unused Fleming storyline called "Murder on Wheels".

"Goldfinger" publicity shot of James Bond (Sean Connery) and
Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman)

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Tony Buckingham, Konig / Rex Features

Trigger Mortis website here

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Gary Fannin joins "SPECTRE" cast

Gary Fannin
Photo by Nicholas Dawkes - © 2013
Gary Fannin joins "SPECTRE" (2015) cast as Head of Nation - Germany.

Date of Birth: 10 June 1969, Florida, USA
Height: 6' 2" (1,88 m)
Tenor singing voice
Plays basic guitar, piano and saxophone
Speaks conversational Greek
Born to a Greek mother and an American father. Studied at The University of Texas in Austin and then at Webber Douglas Academy, London. Worked with The Reduced Shakespeare Company in London's West End at The Criterion Theatre as an actor and director. Gary has also moved into directing film as well as theatre.
He is known as an actor:
"24: Live Another Day" (TV Mini-Series) as Submarine OOD Pham - 8:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. (2014)
"A Very European Christmas" (Short) as Big Sam (2012) 
"Morris: A Life with Bells On" as  Michael da Silva (2009)
"Inbetweeners" as  Clark Slater (2001) 
"The Vice" (TV Series) as Nikki's Punter (1999) - Daughters: Part 1
"Spree" as Prison Extra (1996)
He is known as a director:
"Out of Nowhere" (Short) (2008)
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007 Event: The Space June Event (4 June 2015)

What: The Space June Event

Where: Emporium, 88 London Road, Brighton, England

When: 4 June 2015 (Doors 19.15, starts 20.00)


Special Bond Star appearance by:

John Glen (Director in "For Your Eyes Only" (1981), "Octopussy" (1983), "A View to a Kill" (1985), "The Living Daylights" (1987), "Licence to Kill" (1989) and Editor in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (1969), "The Spy Who Loved Me" (1977), "Moonraker" (1979))

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

007 Item: Bond in Motion 007 shirt

007 Item: Bond in Motion 007 shirt

(c) [2014]. Danjaq, LLC and EON Productions Limited

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Monday, 25 May 2015

Daniel Craig running stairs of Westminster Bridge while filming "SPECTRE" (PICS + VIDEO)

What"SPECTRE" (2015) filming with Daniel Craig
Where: Westminster Bridge and Whitehall road, London, England
When: Sunday 24 May 2015

Source: Daily Mail
Video: Mail Online FamFlynet / Wax News A2


Daniel Craig had to run up the stairs of Westminster Bridge close to London Eye with gun in his hand and come back down again several times while filming a sequence of "SPECTRE".

Earlier in the day he was seen walking along the Whitehall road with suit on.


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PRESS RELEASE: Teaser Trailer & Teaser Poster for “A Bond For Life” released

The non-commercial Fan Documentary 'A Bond for Life' retraces the past 20 years in the life of Benjamin Lind, a die-hard James Bond fan and Editor of the Fanblog “The
Bond Bulletin”. From being exposed to Bond for the first time in 1996 until the World Premiere of 'SPECTRE' in 2015, the film takes viewers on a colorful journey through
the most difficult and challenging times of the narrator. Partly filmed on original Bond locations across Europe, ‘A Bond For Life’ is a gripping story of throwbacks and
accomplishments in which the James Bond films have always played a notable part.

Beside Bond experts and fans from across the globe, Special Guest Stars such as film composer David Arnold, actress Nikki van der Zyl, Lyricist and Academy Award Winner Don Black, Production Designer and Academy Award Winner Sir Ken Adam as well as actors Mads Mikkelsen and Götz Otto share their experiences with James Bond.

'A Bond for Life', dedicated to Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson,will celebrate its UNICEF World Premiere in March 2016. The film will not be released on DVD or Blu-Ray and can only be seen at selected screenings in aid of UNICEF.

The aim is to deliver an entertaining Fan-Documentary with an important message:
That you can achieve a lot when you believe in yourself and learn to stand on your
own two feet. Another reason is the possibility, to reach a significant amount of
donations for UNICEF on a European level and thereby help where help is urgently needed.


'A BOND FOR LIFE' Official Teaser Trailer  

Sunday, 24 May 2015

"SPECTRE" filming with Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harris near Westminster Bridge and Big Ben

What: "SPECTRE" (2015) filming with Ralph Fiennes and Naomie Harris
Where: Near Westminster Bridge and Big Ben, London, England
When: Early hours of Sunday morning 24 May 2015

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Weir/,


Westminster and Big Ben could be seen shrouded in smoke. Ralph Fiennes was spotted sporting a large 'gash' on his head, and another nasty cut surrounded by congealed blood could be seen. Also two police cars and an ambulance were on set, although it is not known if they were props. Naomie Harris was also spotted strutting up and down London´s streets.

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Thunderball presentation text by 007 Travelers on Orion program booklet May-August 2015

What: "Thunderball" (1965) presentation text by 007 Travelers
WhereOrion program booklet May-August 2015
When: 13 April 2015

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"SPECTRE": If you can't stand the heat...

"If you can't stand the heat... "

Official "SPECTRE" (2015) clapperboard photo.

Source and photo:

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

In Memoriam: Claude Carliez (1925-2015)

007 Travelers is saddened to hear that Claude Carliez has passed away.

Who: Claude Carliez
Born10 January 1925Nancy, France
Died: 17 May 2015, Saint-Mandé, Val-de-Marne, France (Cause of death: natural cause)

Bond credits of Claude Carliez:

"Moonraker" (1979) as Gondolier

"Moonraker" (1979): Stunt arranger: France / Stunts
"A View to a Kill" (1985): Stunt team supervisor

Claude Carliez as Gondolier in "Moonraker"
Photo © EON, United Artists, Danjaq LLC

"SPECTRE" filming in Covent Garden, London

What: "SPECTRE" (2015) filming
Where: Covent Garden, London, England
When: 22 May 2015

Ralph Fiennes as M filming outside Restaurant Rules.
Photo by: Porterhouse London on Twitter

Filming "SPECTRE" on Maiden Lane.
Photo by: Porterhouse London on Twitter

"SPECTRE" filming in Covent Garden last night. They were out until 4am.
Photo by: lucywood on Twitter
Filming Spectre in Rules Covent Garden. No sign of Daniel Craig
Photo by Nina Bass on Twitter

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007 Travelers hit the news: "Attention Bond fans! This movie screening is just for you"

What: 007 Travelers hit the news: Attention Bond fans! This movie screening is just for you ("Thunderball", 1965)

Internet sites of several newspapers in Finland:   
Helsingin Uutiset  
Lappeenrannan Uutiset
Mäntsälän Uutiset
Nurmijärven Uutiset
Seinäjoen Sanomat
Sipoon Sanomat
Vantaan Sanomat
Vihdin Uutiset 

When: 21 May 2015

Text: Marianna Simo

Lue Maunulan ja Hyyrysen matkoja koskeva, vuonna 2014 julkaistu Vantaan Sanomien haastattelu tästä.



007 Travelers & KAVI present:

EventTHUNDERBALL 50th Anniversary Screening
Where: Orion cinema, Eerikinkatu 15, Helsinki, Finland
When: 15 August 2015, at 20.00
Tickets: 8,00 EUR (Buy here or at the Orion cinema if still available)

See more information here

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007 Travelers hit the news: Keski-Uusimaa newspaper in Finland

What: 50th Anniversary of a Bond movie ("Thunderball", 1965)
Where: Printed version of Keski-Uusimaa newspaper in Finland
When: 20 May 2015

Text: Marianna Simo

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