Sunday, 31 July 2016

In Memoriam: Joe Powell

Joe Powell (21 March 1922 - 30 June 2016) has passed away.

Joe Powell, doubling for Sean Connery on the set of "The Man Who Would be King"

Joe Powell, who has died aged 94, was known as the “daddy of British stuntmen” for the gut-wrenchingly high-risk feats he performed in classic adventure films such as "Where Eagles Dare" and "The Guns of Navarone".

For "The Man Who Would Be King", John Huston’s adaptation of a Rudyard Kipling story filmed in the Atlas mountains, Powell, doubling for Sean Connery, had to plunge 100 ft from a collapsed rope bridge into a perilous ravine: if he had missed the target area covered with boxes to cushion his fall, he would have plummeted a further 2,000 ft. The co-star Michael Caine walked away saying: “I’m not going to watch this one.” Huston was delighted, saying it was “the darnedest stunt I ever saw”.

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Source: The Telegraph
Photo: From the set of "The Man Who Would Be King": Penelope Reiffer

Joe Powell in James Bond movies:

Stunts (uncredited) in "Casino Royale" (1967)
Stunt rigger (uncredited) / stunts (uncredited) in "You Only Live Twice" (1967)
Stunt double Blofeld (uncredited) in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (1969)
Stunt arranger in "A View to a Kill" (1985)

According to site Joe Powell acted also in "Casino Royale" (1967) having two roles: British Officer and Strong Man / Piper.

Joe Powell as British Officer in
"Casino Royale" (1967)

Photo © EON, United Artists, Danjaq LLC
Joe Powell as Strong Man / Piper in
"Casino Royale" (1967)

Photo © EON, United Artists, Danjaq LLC

Saturday, 30 July 2016

“A licence to kill is also a licence not to kill.”

“A licence to kill is also a licence not to kill.” 
M (Ralph Fiennesin "SPECTRE" (2015).

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Friday, 29 July 2016

007 Travelers-blogi: 3-vuotispäivä ja kilpailu

007 Travelers-blogimme viettää 3-vuotispäivää tänään 29.7.2016!

Kiitos kun seuraatte meitä.


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3v-synttäreiden kunniaksi kilpailu: 

Voita Dodge M-43 Ambulanssin pienoismalli kolmannesta James Bond - elokuvasta "007 ja Kultasormi" (1964) sekä englanninkielinen lehti "James Bond car collection, numero 127" 

Arvomme KOLME pienoismallia lehden kera oikein vastanneiden kesken.

KilpailukysymysDodge M43-ambulanssi on avainroolissa Goldfingerin Operaatio Grandslamissa. Miten ja missä tämä tapahtuu?

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KILPAILU alkaa nyt ja päättyy 3 elokuuta 2016!

007 Travelers blog: 3rd Anniversary and competition

Our 007 Travelers blog has its 3rd Anniversary on 29th of July 2016! 

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Win miniature of Dodge M-43 Ambulance from 3rd Bond movie "Goldfinger" (1964) with magazine "James Bond car collection, number 127" 

Competition questionDodge M43 ambulance plays a key role in Goldfinger´s "Operation Grandslam. How and where does this happen?

Mail your answer to:

COMPETITION starts now and ends 3rd of August 2016!

Thursday, 28 July 2016

007 Related book: Daniel Craig - The Biography

BookDaniel Craig - The Biography
Finnish Title: Daniel Craig Mies James Bondin takana
Author: Sarah Marshall
Pages: 220
Language: English (our edition Finnish)

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Monday, 25 July 2016

007 Filming location: Place where Rene Mathis gets an electroshock / Casino Royale (2006)

Bond movie: "Casino Royale" (2006)
Place and location in the movieUnknown
Actual place and location: Villa del Balbianello, Via Comoedia, 5, Tremezzina CO, Italy
What happens here in the movie: René Mathis (Giancarlo Giannini) gets an electroshock
Visited by 007 Travelers: 2015

René Mathis (Giancarlo Giannini) 
Photo © EON, United Artists, Danjaq LLC

Bond recovering
Photo © EON, United Artists, Danjaq LLC

Mathis is going to get an electroshock
Photo © EON, United Artists, Danjaq LLC


Bond recovering, Mathis is unconscious.
Photo © EON, United Artists, Danjaq LLC

Mathis is dragged away
Photo © EON, United Artists, Danjaq LLC

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

007 Event: A Jazz Tribute To The Songs Of James Bond (31 July - 11 December 2016)

What: A Jazz Tribute To The Songs Of James Bond, starring Gloria Hendry 
Where: Live from The Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center, CA, USA 
When: Sundays at 4pm: 

31 July
28 August
25 September
9 October
6 November 
11 December 

Price: $35.00

Gloria Hendry performing a jazz tribute to the songs of James Bond. Arranged by Phil Wright (except “Live and Let Die” (1973) Arranged by Roger Hamilton Spotts) and featuring Jonathan Goldman with the Big Band Swing Express. Sunday July 31st at 4pm, Live from The Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center.

Gloria Hendry is a Bond Girl Rosie Carver in "Live and Let Die" (1973). 

Photo © EON, United Artists, Danjaq LLC

Buy tickets

Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center
Located in historic Leimert Park
(310) 462-1439

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Friday, 22 July 2016

Myytinmurtajat ja James Bond

Mitä: Myytinmurtajat: James Bond -myyttejä 2.
Missä: TV-kanava SUB
Milloin: Perjantaina 22.7.2016, klo 18.00 ja 23.00

Yleisön pyynnöstä Myytinmurtajat (MythBusters) jatkavat James Bond -elokuvien innoittamien myyttien tutkimista. Riittääkö kuulakärkikynään mahtuva pommi räjäyttämään ihmisen palasiksi? Olisiko Rautaleuka todella pystynyt puremaan köysiratakaapelin poikki? Tiimi yrittää katkaista patsailta päitä teräsvahvisteisten hattujen avulla.

Osa 1 nähtävissä Katsomossa 29.7.2016 klo 18.00 asti
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Osa 2 nähtävissä Katsomossa 5.8.2016 klo 18.00 asti
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Thursday, 21 July 2016

James Bond miniseries "Hammerhead"

What: Six-issue miniseries "James Bond: Hammerhead" by Andy Diggle and artist Luca Casalanguida
Where: Comic book shops and digital retailers
When: In October 2016

The series is a spinoff of the Warren Ellis-written "007," which is currently being published by Dynamite Entertainment.

The first issue features three covers, from artists Francesco Francavilla ("Afterlife with Archie"), Ron Salas ("Six Million Dollar Man") and Robert Hack, respectively.

Source: Comic Book Resources CBR

"James Bond: Hammerhead" #1 sends Bond to assassinate the Kraken, a radical anti-capitalist who has plans for Britain's newly-upgraded nuclear arsenal. According to the official description of the series, 007 will be faced with dilemmas of loyalty to the British crown and must figure out if he is being used to protect England or create a terrifying superpower.

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