Thursday, 19 March 2015

Press conference comments of Michael G. Wilson and Stephanie Sigman, "SPECTRE" including VIDEO

What: "SPECTRE" press conference with producer Michael G. Wilson and Stephanie Sigman, who plays Mexican Bond Girl Estrella
Where: Four Seasons Hotel, Mexico City, Mexico
When: 18 March 2015

Source: asianone
Photo: (Ivett Salgado)

Michael G. Wilson:

About the villains:
"I think we never had the villain as Mexican so it wasn't something we had to change. The villain was always an Italian. The government provided technical support, like getting permits to shoot in certain locations or advising on things such as which security force would be involved in certain situations" .

About changing the screenplay:
"It's more like us asking questions and then discussing it with (Mexican authorities) than them demanding anything in the way of changing the screenplay".

About how Mexico will be shown:
"I know they want to see, they would love to see Mexico in a good light and we are not here to put Mexico in a bad light".

About a Mexican Bond girl:
"So, no, I never worried about that, producers always planned to have a Mexican Bond girl".

About the opening scene:
"1,500 extras will take part in the opening scene and 80 make-up and hair artists have been mobilized. Streets in the historic centre will shut down for filming on Thursday, with closures planned until the end of March".

"We're here to make entertainment. "We are not here to tell a political story. There's plenty of filmmakers who do political stories, and my hat goes off to them, they are great filmmakers. But we are strictly entertainment people."

Stephanie Sigman:

About how Mexico will be shown:
"I have made all kinds of movies, which look at good and bad sides, and I think there are many layers in countries, situations and including in us as human beings". 

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