Photo: Matt Dunham/AP Photo

Lake Altaussee, filming 5 January 2015
Lake Altaussee, filming 6 January 2015

10 – 12 December 2014:
Road up at the Glacier, road tunnel at the Glacier

 7 – 10 January 2015:
3S Cable Car and ICE Q Restaurant

12 – 13 January 2015:
Road up at the Glacier, road tunnel at the Glacier

9 – 17 February 2015:
Road up at the Glacier, road tunnel at the Glacier

14 - 16 January 2015
A special wooden hut is built for filming purposes

29 January 2015
The nosediving aircraft filming

4 February 2015
Airplane scenes

6-8 February 2015
"Bond chapel" filmings
(Bacher Kapelle zur Schwarzen Madonna"  / Bacher Chapel of the Black Madonna)


Pinewood Studios (Several days)

River Thames 15 December 2014
Notting Hill 16 December 2014
Camden 17 December 2014
London City Hall (inside) 18 April 2015
River Thames near Lambeth Bridge 17 May 2015
VIDEO: River Thames near Lambeth Bridge 17 May 2015
Covent Garden 22 May 2015
Westminster Bridge and Big Ben 23-24 May 2015
Westminster Bridge and Whitehall road 24 May 2015
Near Westminster Abbey 30 May 2015
The streets around Trafalgar Square, The Mall and Whitehall 31 May 2015
Westminster Bridge Road and River Thames 6-7 June 2015
On the banks of the Thames 7 June 2015
River Thames 14 June 2015
The area of Vauxhall bridge, River Thames and Westminster Bridge 21-22 June 2015
Millennium Bridge, Southbank 28 June 2015

Blenheim Palace 8 February 2015
Blenheim Palace 9 February 2015


ROME (and narrow roads of VATICAN) (Details including SPOILERS)

19 February 2015: "SPECTRE" funeral scene photos in Rome, Italy
20 February 2015: "SPECTRE" car chase photos in Rome, Italy
21 February 2015: Daniel Craig filming car scenes of "SPECTRE" near Colosseum, Rome, Italy 
22 February 2015: More "SPECTRE" filming pics from Rome, Italy
23 February 2015: "SPECTRE" night filming photos from Rome, Italy
25 February 2015: "SPECTRE" car pics from Rome, Italy
4 March 2015: "SPECTRE" photos: Rome's River Tiber

19 February - 12 March 2015:
Porta San Pancrazio
Garibaldi street in front of the Garibaldi museum
Theatre of Marcellus - Teatro di Marcello (known also as Little Colosseum)
Corso Vittorio Emanuele
Via Nomentana
Via Quattro Novembre
Via Panisperna 
Borgo Vittorio 
Via degli Ombrellari
Via della Conciliazione (in front of St. Peter's Basilica)
"Passetto", the secret passage between St. Peter and Castel Sant ´Angelo
Tiber River (Tevere)
Scalo De Pinedo (fluvia le port De Pinedo)
Sisto Bridge (Ponte Sisto)
Piazza Trilussa
Lungotevere (the road along the Tiber river)
Villa Fiorano, which is located in the old Via Appia
Cemetery of Verano (location changed):  "SPECTRE" funeral scene photos in Rome, Italy


The filming starts 19 March 2015 and ends 1 April 2015.

19 March 2015: "SPECTRE" helicopter lands on the Zócalo, Mexico City, Mexico
21 March 2015: Daniel Craig on the balcony in Mexico City, Mexico (filming of "SPECTRE")
21 March 2015: Daniel Craig in action! "SPECTRE" in Mexico City, Mexico
22 March 2015: VIDEO: "SPECTRE" filming in Mexico City, Mexico
23 March 2015: "SPECTRE" photos from Mexico City, Mexico
24 March 2015: James Bond images from the filming of "SPECTRE" in Mexico City, Mexico (24 March 2015)
24 March 2015: "SPECTRE" explosion photos (SPOILER ALERT!)
26 March 2015: Daniel Craig and helicopter photos while filming "SPECTRE" in Mexico City, Mexico
28 March 2015: VIDEO: James Bond and the villain in Mexico City, Mexico / "SPECTRE"
30 March 2015: "SPECTRE" helicopter fight photos
31 March 2015: VIDEO: "SPECTRE" helicopter fight

MOROCCO (10-day shootings in June 2015)

That shoot will be of such scale that it’s requiring four months of preparation.
The filming started 21 June 2015. Also establishing shots have been taken.

On set in Morocco with Daniel Craig and Léa Seydoux
"SPECTRE" Tangier set for a scene photo
Morocco "SPECTRE" filming preparation photos, Tangier
Christoph Waltz in Tangier, Morocco for "SPECTRE"
Daniel Craig in Morocco


OUJDA (surrounded by the desert)
Sam Mendes and Bond star Daniel Craig traveled earlier in 2014 to Oujda, in northeastern Morocco, to shoot a small scene in a train — one that’s not electrified. The production will return in June for a 10-day shoot with locations including Tangier and the desert.

Second unit has filmed exterior shots of the desert and a scene set to take place inside a train for a train sequence; the Oriental Desert Express (Ouijda to Bouarfa) in Ouijda. they have also taken establishing shots in Erfoud and Tangier. Weeks 25-26.

Weeks 25-26: Establishing shots have been taken.

Filming of "SPECTRE" wraps up 5th of July 2015.

The schedules of "SPECTRE" trailers


  1. Hello Adam. Teaser trailer will be released 28th of March and full trailer is scheduled to be released on 4th of September 2015.

    1. Is filming over now its july

    2. And any chance film brought forward

    3. Hello Adam. Looks like filming is over. We have heard rumours that there is a wrap party this evening (July 5th).
      SPECTRE global release date is still 6th November 2015

  2. Waiting for the schedule for Morrocco

    1. Hello. We will update this information as soon as we know. :)

    2. Morocco lovely, I lived there many years.

    3. Morocco lovely, I lived there many years.

  3. Should be wrap after the shoot in N.Africa right ..?

    1. Hello Glenn. Yes, we think so. As far as we know they are about to film 10 days in Morocco at the end of June, but we don't have any material of the filming so far. We hope to get some photos soon!

  4. Is there any possibility the filming could go farther than July 5th? To maybe mid-July?

    1. At this point it seems that filming will be wrapped in the beginning of July. However, it is always possible that they will continue at Pinewood studios if needed.

  5. Does anyone know what the church in the funeral scene shown briefly in the trailer is? It looks like a Modernist, exposed concrete one... Any clues much appreciated! Thanks.

    1. Hello Miss Marie.

      James Bond was supposed to attend a funeral at Cemetery of Verano in Rome, Italy but the plans were blocked by a mysterious and ancient religious order. Archconfraternity of the Departed, a religious order which historically provided burial for the poor and destitute, and which still has sway over the cemetery, has refused entry to cast and crew. They didn't want an invasion of trucks and heavy goods vehicles inside the cemetery.

      The Mayor´s office received earlier a request that "SPECTRE" crew could film in the piazza outside the Museum of Roman Civilisation and reworked the funeral scene there.

  6. Thanks for this blog, have been following it over the year. The film is fantastic - clearly all this hard work has paid off.

    1. Thanks Gary :)
      SPECTRE is really awesome. Good plot, great cast and wonderful locations!

  7. Where was the Spectre lair filmed (it was in a meteorite crater in the desert)?

    1. Hello John. Exteriors were filmed near Erfoud, which is an oasis town in Morocco. Interior shots were made at Pinewood studios, England

    2. Been through Erfoud, there's nothing like that there. There is a nice Palace, maybe they stayed there. But where did they actually film the crater?

    3. Hi. We heard today that the set was built in desert: Gara Medouar, Rissani, where the crater is.

  8. In the film credits at the end it says the location where it was filmed in Tokyo ? But cannot see this

    1. Hello John.

      Tokyo sequence was filmed at the Pinewood Studios

      End credits of SPECTRE states that the film was made at

      Pinewood Studios, London, England and on location in
      Mexico City, Mexico,
      Rome, Italy,
      Lake Altaussee, Styria, Sölden and Obertilliach, Tyrol Austria,
      Tangiers, Erfoud & Oujda, Morocco,
      London, England


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