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007 Food: Traditional dhal bhat, a lentil soup over rice

Food: Traditional dhal bhat, a lentil soup over rice
Bond book appearanceHigh Time to Kill
Experience of 007 Travelers: Self-made

"Sunset came and dinner was served on a low table inside the lodge. The food was a traditional dhal bhat, a lenti soup over rice. A few vegetables, or sabji, were served with cumin, garlic and ginger. Hot tea accompanied the meal. By the time they had finished, Bond and Chandra were ready to turn in, the altitude and food having had a soporific effect on them. Bond unrolled his Marmot Col sleeping bag, which wasn't as warm as the more popular Cwm, but was lighter and more versatile at altitude. The wooden floor was hard, but at least there was the luxury of having a roof over their heads."

Raymond Benson: "High Time to Kill" (1999)

Lentil soup

Dhal bhat

Ingredients of Lentil soup

Ingredients of Dhal bhat

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