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007 Food: Curry chicken in Indian style with a mouthful of red wine

Food: Curry chicken in Indian style with a mouthful of red wine
Bond book appearanceHigh Time to Kill (1999)
Experience of 007 Travelers: Self-made

Chicken strips with honey, rice, yellow paprika, curry paste, onion and cloves of garlic.
Also cream, cooking oil, salt and pepper.

"Dinner was an Indian-style chicken curry that the cook, Girmi, had made less spicy than usual to accommodate the western tastes. Bond was becoming accustomed to the art of eating with his right hand. The Nepalese were experts at flicking a bite of food into the mouth with their thumb. One of the Americans brought a bottle of inexpensive red wine out of his knapsack, saying that he was saving it for Base Camp but knew that drinking alcohol at higher altitudes was not wise. There was just enough for everyone to have a little in a paper cup. Philippe Leaud produced a harmonica and began to play plaintive melodies. One by one people began to wander away from the campfire and settle in for the night."

Raymond Benson: "High Time to Kill" (1999)

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