Saturday, 26 September 2015

New James Bond exhibition to open next month in London to celebrate release of SPECTRE

Getty Images and Everyman Cinema have this week announced an exclusive photography exhibition that is set to launch to celebrate the release of the latest Bond installment, "SPECTRE" (2015).

Everyman, the independent cinema network, is to collaborate with Getty Images to bring The Name’s Bond gallery to the public. Running from Wednesday October 7th, the new exhibition is set to include previous unexhibited collections including film stills, promo shots, behind the scenes galleries and everything in between to celebrate the 24 films of Bond.

The free exhibition is being hosted at the Everyman Canary Wharf cinema, and continues through Crossrail Place in the heart of the capital at Canary Wharf.
Hoss Ghonouie from Everyman Cinema, says: “From car chases and casinos to Vespers and villains, James Bond holds a place in British film culture like no other. It has been such a joy"
- Scott J. Davis

Source: IMDb. com

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