Saturday, 9 May 2015

Daniel Stisen and Eiji Mihara join "SPECTRE" cast

Two new actors join "SPECTRE" (2015) cast.

Daniel Stisen as Russian Bodyguard and Eiji Mihara as Japanese Aide 1.


Daniel Stisen
Daniel Stisen
Photo by: Chris Morrison

He was born in Mandal, a small town in southern Norway, and grew up in a family of seven. He was the oldest in the family.

Daniel's inspiration was his father, who himself was a bodybuilder running his own gym. He was involved in body building techniques, which paved way for Daniel to enter the bodybuilding arena. Daniel spend most of his childhood learning from his father, the art of bodybuilding. Literally, it would be correct to say that he grew up in the gym and that's how he developed a passion for body building and power sports.

Daniel moved to Oslo, the capital of Norway in 2007. This is where he started his modeling and acting career in the entertainment and showbiz industry where he did lots of guest performances. His passion for bodybuilding was still intact in him and continued his training, but now not for competition level.

From 2009 he focused more on the entertainment industry where he enacted various roles in commercials, TV shows and reality Shows. 2010 is the year when he started focusing on his acting and film career. When it comes to movies he is an all-rounder. He has written scripts, acted and even produced movies. Daniel went to Nancy Mannes acting studios in Oslo, there he teched Standford Maisner acting method. He also start go to British action academy in summer of 2011, to tech stunt, martial arts and stage combat. Daniel's goal is to expand his career as an action star on the national and international platform in the forthcoming years. Daniel has done Norwegian and English movies. Summer 2011 he moved to London to focus at international career, and his film career is growing fast and Daniel is on his way to become one of Europes new Action Stars.

He is known for:

"Høvdinger" as MMA Fighter (2014)
"Soldaten" (short) as Sergeant Olsen (2010)
"Helt Kriminelt" (short) as Chris (2010)

Eiji Mihara
Photo by: Studio Hibiya

Eiji Mihara

He is known for:

"Rush" as Japanese Announcer (2013)
"Spiral" (short) as Father (2010)
"Toshi" (short) as Business Man (2009) 

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