Saturday, 28 February 2015

Bond girl: Domino Petachi

Photo © EON, United Artists, Danjaq LLC
Bond girlDomino Petachi
007 FilmNever Say Never Again (1983)
Actress: Kim Basinger

Bond connection: Maximilian Largo is Domino Petachi's "guardian," it is well known that she and Largo are long term lovers. She meets Bond at a spa in Monte Carlo, where he poses as a masseur and massages her. This gives her immense pleasure, though she later realizes he is not who he appears to be. She encounters him again at a casino where Bond introduces himself to her. They have drinks together before being interrupted by Largo. The two dance briefly, where Bond informs her about the death of her brother Jack. Bond is then invited to Largo's yacht, where Largo spies on them kissing in her cabin. He leaves Bond manacled near Palmyra, while Domino is auctioned off as a slave to some unsavory Arabs. Bond eventually escapes and rescues her. They are then chased by the Arabs on horseback until the horse jumps off a cliff into the ocean. They are rescued from the water by Felix Leiter and a team from MI6. After their rescue, Domino and Bond track Largo to a location known as "The Tears of Allah". The two take a shower together, and Bond kisses her before heading off to stop Largo. The circumstances of her spearing Largo as he and Bond fight are altered from the original film – it here takes place underwater, with all the characters in scuba gear. The film ends with Bond indicating his intention to retire from MI6 and settle down with Domino.


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