Friday, 9 January 2015

The "SPECTRE" production will use a cable car in Sölden, Austria

According to some film blogs the "SPECTRE" (2015) production will use a cable car, the town's glacier road, and a tunnel in the  Sölden region of Austria.

The "SPECTRE" production will use a cable car, the town's glacier road,
and a tunnel in the Sölden region of Austria.

Sölden offers the most modern lifts for a quick and comfortable ascent up the mountain. The connection of the winter ski resort to the glacier ski resort is with the "Golden Gate to the Glacier" connection lift. The Sölden's BIG 3 - all are over 3,000 meters high - are access with modern cable car lifts. For example, the Gaislachkogl lift provides access with two modern lifts to Sölden's dominant ski mountain, the Gaislachkogl (one of the BIG 3). The new lifts achieve three records - The first section of the lift, an 8-person cable car, has the world's largest transport capacity with 3600 people/hour. The second section of the lift, a 3-S lift with cars holding 30 people each, is the world's highest 3-S lift (3040 m) and features a unique rescue system - the passengers would not have to leave the cars during an evacuation and would be brought back to the station in safety.

Number of ski lifts

Total capacity
68270 Passengers/hour

Total lift length
41.5 km Total


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