Wednesday, 24 September 2014

"Bond 24" News: New filming locations in England? Small role for you in "Bond 24"?

According to Live For Films site Liverpool and Manchester might be filming locations for "Bond 24". Site says that filming would begin in October 2014.

Uni-versalEXTRAS are looking for suitable people for small parts. No previous acting experience required. So, if you have UK or EU passport and you are over 16 years old and want to be in a (Bond?) film, this is your chance. Open casting is on 27 September 2014 in Manchester, England.

See more information here

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  1. I thought Eon clearly stated filming won't start before December ...

    1. Hello Kevin. Thanks for your comment. EON stated that principal photography starts in December, but based on that "news" or "rumour", some 2nd Unit filming, or filming without main actors might start even earlier than December.


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