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007 Book location: Disneyland Paris (formerly known as EuroDisney) - Pirates of the Caribbean / Never Send Flowers (1993)

Bond bookNever Send Flowers (1993)
Place and location in the book: EuroDisney - Pirates of the Caribbean, Marne-Le-Vallee, France
Actual place and locationDisneyland Paris - Pirates of the Caribbean, Marne-Le-Vallee, France
What happens here in the book: Bond tries Pirates of the Caribbean adventure
Visited by 007 Travelers: 2013

"Early in the evening, he ate a pleasant salmon steak at the Blue Lagoon Restaurant, under what appeared to be a tropical night sky, with the sound of surf on the beaches. The lagoon itself was visible from where he sat, and every few minutes the boats full of visitors drifted past on their way to the adventure of the Pirates of the Caribbean which, he decided, would be his next experience.
Joining the line he soon found himself floating in one of the boats, through a tunnel and then down a sickening lurch of a waterfall and into the quiet of the lagoon he had been watching during his meal.
As he looked towards the diners, Bond had an overpowering sense that he himself was being watched by a malignant pair of eyes.
The smooth calm of the blue stretch of water changed as they appeared to round a headland to see a galleon under fire from cannon on the mainland. The explosions of the guns seemed very close and great spouts of water leaped into the air as shot struck the sea close to his drifting craft.
Then they were sailing slowly into the city under siege, full of pirates singing, pillaging, burning, drinking, chasing the local girls and even selling off some of the more sturdy ones.
Once more he marveled at the incredibly lifelike figures, and the consummate artistry of the experts and the Imagineers who produced such unbelievable effects, and the audio-animatronical beings."
John Gardner: "Never Send Flowers" 

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