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007 Book location: John F. Kennedy Airport / several books

Bond books: Live And Let Die (1954), Diamonds Are Forever (1956), Goldfinger (1959), "007 in New York" (1964), For Special Services (1982), "Blast from the Past" (1997)
Place and location in the book: John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport, New York, USA
Actual place and locationJohn F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport, New York, USA
What happens here in the books: Bond arrives in New York.
Visited by 007 Travelers: 2012

"Bond arrived at Kennedy Airport mid-day and took a taxi into Manhattan. As it was a weekday, the city was alive with the energy that made New York the premiere cosmopolitan city. It was a sunny, unseasonably warm spring day, and the Manhattanites were out in force. Traffic was dense, horns were bellowing and endless swarms of pedestrians darted across intersections."

Raymond Benson: "Blast from the Past" 

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