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007 Soundtrack: Never Say Never Again (1983)

FILMNever Say Never Again (1983)
SCORE COMPOSER: Michel Legrand
TITLE SONG: "Never Say Never Again"
COMPOSED BY: Michel Legrand
The music for Never Say Never Again was written by Michel Legrand, who composed a score similar to his work as a jazz pianist. The score has been criticised as "anachronistic and misjudged", "bizzarely intermittent" and "the most disappointing feature of the film". Legrand also wrote the main theme Never Say Never Again, which featured lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman—who had also worked with Legrand in the Academy Award winning song The Windmills of Your Mind—and was performed by Lani Hall after Bonnie Tyler, who disliked the song, had reluctantly declined.

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  1. "Bond Back In Action" - Michel Legrand
  2. "Main Title - Never Say Never Again" - Lani Hall
  3. "Prologue - Enter 007"
  4. "Fatima Blush / A Very Bad Lady"
  5. "Dinner With 007"
  6. "Bahama Island"
  7. "Bond Smells A Rat / Nurse Blush?"
  8. "Plunder Of A Nuclear Missile"
  9. "The Big Band Death Of Jack Petachi"
  10. "Bond And Domino"
  11. "Fight To The Death With The Tiger Sharks"
  12. "Une Chanson D'Amour" - Sophie Della
  13. "Video Duel / Victory"
  14. "Nuclear Nightmare"
  15. "Tango To The Death"
  16. "Bond Returns Home"
  17. "The Death Of Nicole / Chase Her"
  18. "Felix And James Exit"
  19. "Jealousy"
  20. "Largo's Waltz"
  21. "Bond To The Rescue"
  22. "The Big Escape"
  23. "Tears Of Allah"
  24. "The Underwater Cave"
  25. "Fight To The Death"
  26. "Bond In Retirement / End Title Never Say Never Again" - Lani Hall

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