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007 Soundtrack: Dr. No (1963)

FILM: Dr. No (1962)
TITLE SONG: "James Bond Theme", "Kingston Calypso"
COMPOSED BY: Monty Norman
PERFORMED BY: John Barry & Orchestra; Monty Norman, Byron Lee and the Dragonaires

Dr. No is the original soundtrack for the first James Bond film of the same name.
Composer Monty Norman was selected by producer Albert R. Broccoli after Broccoli backed a musical of Norman's Belle or The Ballad of Dr. Crippen written by Wolf Mankowitz, a frequent collaborator with Norman and an original screenwriter for Dr. No. Norman accompanied the producers and film crew to Jamaica.

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  1. "James Bond Theme" – John Barry Orchestra – (1:45)
  2. "Kingston Calypso" – Byron Lee and the Dragonaires – (2:42)
  3. "Jamaican Rock" (not heard in the film, a possible unused title track) – (2:03)
  4. "Jump Up" – Byron Lee and the Dragonaires – (2:08)
  5. "Audio Bongo" (an electronic music version of a musical theme for Dr. No) – (1:30)
  6. "Under the Mango Tree" – Diana Coupland – (2:20)
  7. "Twisting with James" (a version of "Dr No's Fantasy" unused in the film) – (3:08)
  8. "Jamaica Jazz" – (unused in the film, an instrumental of "Jump Up") – (1:04)
  9. "Under the Mango Tree" – (Instrumental unused in the film) – (2:40)
  10. "Jump Up" – Byron Lee and the Dragonaires – (1:25)
  11. "Dr. No's Fantasy" (unused in the film) – (1:40)
  12. "Kingston Calypso" – Diana Coupland – (2:30)
  13. "The Island Speaks" (an instrumental version of a musical theme for Dr. No accompanying Bond and Quarrel landing on Crab Key) – (3:18)
  14. "Underneath the Mango Tree" – Monty Norman – (2:37)
  15. "The Boy's Chase" (unused in the film; Norman recalled it was written for the car chase when Bond is driven from the airport) – (1:30)
  16. "Dr. No's Theme" (an instrumental version of "Kingston Calypso") – (1:57)
  17. "The James Bond Theme" (an unused instrumental version of "Dr. No's Fantasy") – (2:20)
  18. "Love at Last" (heard briefly in a party sequence) – (1:49)

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